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Atlas Series:  High Efficiency Condensing Boiler

During the past several years, the product launch team has worked hard to develop the flagship Atlas Series condensing boiler.  Throughout the process, they have studied the marketplace, listened to the needs of end users, and sought valuable input from representatives.  The results are impressive!

The New Second Generation Atlas Series boiler combines solid engineering and innovative design with the highest quality components in the industry.  With a thermal efficiency of 98%, fully modulated up to 7.5:1 turndown, and a sealed combustion chamber, the Atlas Series boilers offer feature rich, high performance, low NOx operation.

The New Second Generation Atlas Series condensing boiler is now available in 7 models with a variety of options and upgrades.  Please contact your local sales representative for complete product specifications, product literature, and technical documentation.



98% thermal efficiency
Up to 7.5 to 1 turndown
Fully modulating PID controller
Zero-clearance installation sides & top
Brushed aluminum steel & enameled jacket
Clip-on panels for easy access
Front removable coil assembly for easy serviceability
Single pass coil construction allows for complete deliming
Sealed combustion chamber for increased efficiency and reduce emissions
ETL listed to UL 795 and CAN1-3.1
CSD-1 compliant

Pressure Drop Chart (Atlas Series A300)

Pressure Drop Chart (Atlas Series A250)

Pressure Drop Chart (Atlas Series A200)

Pressure Drop Chart (Atlas Series A150)

Pressure Drop Chart (Atlas Series A100)

Pressure Drop Chart (Atlas Series A075)

Pressure Drop Chart (Atlas Series A050)


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